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Screw feeders for granulates DSK 04, 07, 10




The equipment can be applied for dosing various bulk materials particularly granulates, enabling a precise mixture of primary material and component (e.g. pigment concentrate). Mixing the material with component takes place in the funnel and cylinder of the processing machine during plastifying process. It is possible to link a few feeders that will dose various components directly to the connector or couple them into a dosing station equipped with a mixer providing for initial mixing of components before they are fed to processing machine.

  • Precise, reliable and universal dosing device,
  • Rotation stability of dosing worm,
  • Small dimensions and simple operation of dosing unit,
  • Fluid adjustment of dosing capacity within the equipment's whole operating range,
  • Repeatability of the set capacities,
  • Possibility of automatic/follow-up control in technological lines enabling synchronization of dosing worm rotation speed with changes in the capacity of basic material or start - stop signal,
  • Easy cleaning and fast changing of dosed component, 
  • Maximum capacity can be easily changed by replacing the worm.


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