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Screw feeders for powders DSK 04p, 07p, 10p


The equipment is designed for precise feeding of loose powder materials by means of a volumetric method. Mixing of the base material and the component takes place in the connector and cylinder of the processing machine or during transportation in a screw conveyor. The feeder container is equipped with a mixing arm, which prevents the fed component from arching. It is possible to connect a few feeders that will feed various components directly to the connector or couple them into a feeding station equipped with a mixer providing initial mixing of components before they are fed to the processing machine or a screw conveyor.

  • Precise, reliable and universal feeding device,
  • Stability of feeding screw rotations,
  • Small dimensions and simple operation of the feeder,
  • Fluid adjustment of feeding capacity within the whole operation range of the equipment,
  • Repeatability of the set capacities,
  • Possibility of automatic/follow-up control in a technological line, enabling synchronization of the feeding screw rotation speed with changes in base material capacity or start-stop signal,
  • Easy cleaning and quick change of component feeding,
  • Easy change of maximum capacity by screw and sleeve replacement.


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