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Vaccum conveying equipment SUT 100, 200, 400



SUT type Vacuum conveying equipment is designed for pneumatic vacuum conveying of granulates and all type of plastic milled material applied in processing on injection moulding machines and extruding presses.

SUT 100 and SUT 200 are units designed for feeding plastic processing machines with granulate of grain size 5 mm.

SUT 400, operating with its own filter blowback, can additionally feed granulate, regranulate or milled waste material and other components containing powdery parts no less than 0,1 mm.

The equipment operates in an automatic cycle and is installed on the funnel of the processing machine. Lack of material to be conveyed is signaled acoustically (SUT 100, SUT 200) or optically (SUT 400). In SUT 400, after extending connection pipes, there is a possibility of disconnecting the suction fan and control panel from the unit and installing them next to the machine.


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